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About BioThane + Colour Custom Requests

Biothane offers several different webbing styles. We use both the 'standard' + 'adjustable' style for our products.


The 'standard' webbing style is a thicker, leather-like alternative, with a slightly imprinted surface.

We regularly stock approx. 15 of the colours available in this style.


The 'adjustable' webbing style is thinner and more flexible webbing with a flat surface.

It is a revolutionary new webbing style, designed specifically for pets.

We regularly stock 7 of the colours availale in this style.


The colours are identical accross both styles.

'Standard' is available in 13mm, 16mm, 19mm + 25mm widths.

'Adjustable' is available in 16mm, 19mm + 25mm widths.

We can source the colours we don't stock and we can also source 38mm wide Heavy Duty BioThane webbing,

if you are prepared to sit tight while it arrives.

Delivery time approximately 10-15 business days for orders with custom colour/size requests.

'Standard' Colour Range

There are 30-ish colours available in this range [+ new ones coming in 2023 - although there was only 1 colour I liked]!.

We stock the following colours in the BioThane Standard:

biothane std.png

We can order in any of the following colours of the BioThane Standard

if you'd like your item in one of these colours instead:

White - Caramel - Chocolate - Brown - Black - Gold - Fluro Yellow - Fluro Green - Fluro Orange - Fluro Pink - Cian

Lagune Blue - Sky Blue - Pastel Green

'Adjustable' Colour Range


We stock the following 7 colours in the BioThane Adjustable style of webbing:


We can order in the following colours if you'd like your item made in one of these colours instead:

Black - Fluro Green - Fluro Orange - Sky Blue

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