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Scent Training

Welcome to The Sniffing Zone!


Lulu and myself commenced our scent training journey, nearly 4 years ago with K9 Nose Fun [Lulu was still a fresh faced, wee little lady]. There are different methodologies out there to learn odour detection, however we started with a K9 Nose Work® Instructor.


K9 Nose Work® is an enriching and rewarding activity where dogs + handlers, work as a team. It is based on detection dog concepts and focuses on building your dog’s innate scenting instinct by engaging their curiosity through solving puzzles.

This activity is suitable for any age/breed dog and owner/handler to participate in, and is held within a safe environment, one dog at a time, making it fantastic for building confidence and independence in our pal's and especially good for dogs that may be anxious around other dogs. It can be enjoyed simply for fun / enrichment or competitively at trial.

Requirements to get started? NONE [except a dog with a nose - and it doesn't even have to be your dog that you participate with]!!! The beauty of this activity: you don't need any prior dog training under the belt or knowledge to get started meaning it is suitable for nearly all dog handlers.

The BIG news from us? I am curently studying to become a K9 Nose Work® Instructor and have commenced running Intro to Nose Work classes in Rosebud! Head to our website The Sniffing Zone to have a look at when we are running workshops. We will also running classes once we settle into to the North West Coast of Tasmania [April 2023!]

If you want to find an instructor close to you so you can join in an Intro to Nose Work class, pop over to this website for a  search.

For those of you that are already up and training, the items below are suitable but we offer full training supplies, HERE!

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