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The 'Put A Ring On It' collar is a traditional style, buckle-up collar in either a single or double colour combination, featuring an O-Ring at the back of the collar for easy leash or tag attachment. Nothing fancy, just 100% fun.


These collars are perfect for active + adventure ready dogs! Quick and easy to clean, this waterproof collar is made with durable + lightweight

  • BioThane® Standard [std] OR
  • BioThane® Ajustable [adj] webbing.

Read about these webbing styles in the Info Section.



  • HARDWARE: select from Stainless Steel [silver] or Solid Brass [gold] hardware - both of which are rust resistant;
  • COLOURS: opt for a single colour on your collar or go for a two-tone colour combo. We recommend selecting all 'Adj' or all 'Std' webbing for this design; +
  • ADD-ON's: Stamp a name +/or number into your collar with this Add-On.



You can review our standard collar sizing chart HERE.



It is imperitive that you measure your dog's neck and DO NOT measure their collar.

You can find instructions on how to do this, HERE.

  • For a 'PERFECT FIT' collar, enter your dog's neck measurement in the Custom Field [ eg. 34cm Perfect Fit ]. We will then make your collar with the measurement you provide, as the middle hole.
  • We can also make our 'PUPPY FIT' collars - where the current neck measurement is the smallest hole and we leave room for your puppy to grow through the sizes: enter [ eg. 28cm Puppy Fit ] in the Custom Field.
  • If you leave the Custom Field EMPTY, you will receive a collar in the 'STANDARD FIT' sizing which you have ordered.

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 View the full Activewear range HERE.

'Put A Ring On It' Activewear Collar

Preisab 35,00AU$
  • ac·​tive·​wear | \ ˈak-tiv-ˌwer  \

    noun: sportswear

    how to use: “we’re going for a hike down the creek – time to put on the activewear”

  • The texture of the BioThane Standard is different to the BioThane Adjustable webbing. Please consider this if buying different coloured items to form a set.


    BioThane Adjustable is a new webbing which is specifically designed for pet collars + leads. This webbing is thinner and more flexible than BioThane Standard. It's softer on fur + fingers :)


    BioThane Standard webbing is a thicker, leather alternative, style webbing with a grain embossed onto the webbing.


    The good news is that the colours are identical between the Adjustable and Standard styles - so while they may feel different, they still match perfectly.


    We stock 16 of the 30 colours available in the 'standard' style + stock 7 of the 11 colours available in the 'adjustable' style.


    We can order in the colours we don't regularly stock, if you are prepared to wait. A full list of colours can be viewed HERE.

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