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Take our standard martingale design + make it your own.


These 'Add On's' will allow you to create a unique look for your collar.



Let us talk you through it:

  • Braided Body - Instead of the plain body, make it braided, like our 'Braid Envy' collar.
  • Freckels! Let us know what colour [or mix of colours] you would like your freckles.
  • 'So Fancy' + 'Tiny + Fancy' Add-On: Select your lacing colour.
  • 'Sexy Beast'... you choose the thread colour for the hand stitching detail.

[picture references are attached with colour options].

Leather Martingale Add-On's

Preisab 10,00AU$
  • /ˈadɒn/


    noun: an extra embellishment, that can be added to a main item in order to personalise, beautify or customise its appearance.


    how to use: "I simply love colour... add-on the painted edges!"

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