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This "ADD ON" is a fun additon, exclusively for your 'Basic B@$#%' dog leash or splitter.


On the leash, we add the detail to the bottom, near the swivel clip and just under the handle rivets. On the splitter, we add the detail to the bottom, near each swivel clip.


The  'Basic B@$#%' convertible leash already has this detail so it is not necessary to add it again.


We offer a small range of colour options [shown in the image].

_ _ _ _ _


View the entire Basic B@$#% range HERE.

'Basic B@$#%' Leather Detail Add-On

  • /ˈadɒn/


    noun: an extra embellishment, that can be added to a main item in order to personalise, beautify or customise its appearance.


    how to use: "I simply love colour... add-on the painted edges!"

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