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The 'Best Buddy', is a beautifully crafted collar which takes the traditional style collar to the next level.


Handmade [by us] from the exceptional quality, vegetable tanned, English Bridle leather, in simple but stunning colours. Teamed with low lead, sold brass hardware, this collar will last for years + years if it is cared for appropriately, just like a friendship with your best buddy.


We have chosen to feature the contrasting inner of the hide, which is largely undyed, on the edges of this item. There may be some bleed marks where the dyes have penetrated into the hide - we love this effect. It reminds us of the true nature of leather and the hard, manual, work that goes into making this leather. We still seal the edges, we just don't dye or paint them to cover this up. Over time they will deepen in colour as they absorb oils and develop a patina.


Our collars come in a variety of widths to suit a variety of dogs! Please note that the 32mm + 38mm wide collar have a slightly more rounded buckle and a double row of rivets.


Each collar may stretch a small amount over time, given the nature of leather. 



Why not personalise this item? Check out our ADD ON's to create a unique design.



You can review our standard collar sizing chart HERE.



It is imperitive that you measure your dog's neck and DO NOT measure their collar.

You can find instructions on how to do this, HERE.

  • For a 'PERFECT FIT' collar, enter your dog's neck measurement in the Custom Field [ eg. 34cm Perfect Fit ]. We will then make your collar with the measurement you provide, as the middle hole.
  • We can also make our 'PUPPY FIT' collars - where the current neck measurement is the smallest hole and we leave room for your puppy to grow through the sizes: enter [ eg. 28cm Puppy Fit ] in the Custom Field.
  • If you leave the Custom Field EMPTY, you will receive a collar in the 'STANDARD FIT' sizing which you have ordered.

'Best Buddy' Collar

Preisab 58,00AU$
  • We are moving towards using low lead, solid brass hardware in a natural finish for ALL of our products, where possible. Most of our products already use this range of hardware – even down to our rivets.

    Low lead means you get quality hardware without the weight of standard solid brass. Most solid brass products tend to have a higher lead content. It also tends to tarnish a little – just based on what we've seen.

    BONUS: Solid Brass is rust resistant!

    Our low lead hardware meets the requirements set out by California’s Prop 65, as well as the European REACH standards which aim to improve the protection of human health + the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

  • Leather doesn't get any better than English Bridle Leather.

    It is made with the highest quality hides, which are manually dyed + treated. Initially the leather will be stiff, however with TLC + use, it will become soft + supple with loads of strength.

    This is a labour intensive process, thus expensive!

    Why do we work with English Bridle Leather? It is designed for use on horse bridles and therefore it is made to be tough. If it is suitable for horses, it is suitable for your pooch.

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