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This "ADD ON" is an additon for your dog leash or splitter. It is suitable for any of the dog leads we have listed, with the exception of the convertible leash [which already has one].


This is a great addition to your leash for dog servants + owners that like to quickly secure their dog to a pole/chair/table while out to brunch etc.


You choose the leash you want, add this swivel and we build the leash with the additional swivel at the handle end of the leash for you.


This swivel will match the hardware of the leash you are adding it to.

Also, adding this swivel will create a double ended leash which will enable use with a balance harness.


Adding this swivel to your 3-dog splitter will make the third strap, removable.

Extra Swivel Clip for Handle of Leash

  • /ˈadɒn/


    noun: an extra embellishment, that can be added to a main item in order to personalise, beautify or customise its appearance.


    how to use: "I simply love colour... add-on the painted edges!"

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