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Welcome to the Lulu Loves Leather Car Restraint. Designed by us, based on our very own needs [ always totally practical ;) ]


This product is a unique design, by Lulu Loves, and is subject to all applicable Copyright laws.


I'm not a fan of traitional restraints which clip into the seat belt. Our restraint is designed to be hooked higher-up, onto the head-rest by popping the head-rest prong, through the o-ring on the end of the restraint, and back into its hole, securely. This allows for a little more space for your pup and less tangling around legs etc [if used shorter]. The design also allows for use on the back seat or in the storage space in a wagon - or movement between the two if you're like Lulu who likes to sleep in the boot or sit up in the back seat, looking out the window.


This is our luxe level model, made from vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware. We also have another made from PVC coated webbing with marine grade, stainless steel hardware which is adjustable in length - view HERE.

USES: Retraining your dog, obviously, but great for these situations:

  • car trips!
  • to keep your pooch inside the car while we are parked in the one place for a while [dog trials - with the doors/hatch open] -
  • camping when dogs need to remain on leash [peg it into the ground] -
  • use it to tether the leash at cafes or other areas -
  • use it as an extension to your leash -
  • buy 2 for use on the back of utes.


This item is purely designed for use as a restraint to keep your pooch in one place. It should only be used in conjuntion with a harness, with the restraint clipped onto the back of your dogs harness. 

If you are after safety tested pet travel options which are designed to protect your fur-baby's life, we suggest you check out MIMsafe - leaders in crash-proof animal transport.

Car Restraint - Leather

Preisab 50,00AU$
  • mm Inch
    10mm ⅜"
    13mm ½"
    16mm ⅝"
    19mm ¾"
    25mm 1"
    32mm 1¼"
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