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Swap your interchangeable insert depending on your mood, outfit or the occasion!!


Each collar comes with 2 inserts. This item is for 2 MORE inserts - to give you more options! If you are ordering inserts and you've already received your collar, add the detils from your card into the embossing deets field for us!


Select from:

  • Plain;
  • Braided;
  • Embossed [including symbols];
  • Hair on Hide - Cheetah [black + white] or Leopard [brown tones]; +
  • Freckles


Below is our recommended width guide:

For the 16mm wide collar, select 13mm wide inserts.

For the 19mm wide collar, select 16mm wide inserts.

For the 25mm wide collar, select 16mm / 19mm wide inserts.

For the 32 mm wide collar, select 19mm / 25mm wide inserts (pictured).

For the 38mm wide collar, select the 19mm / 25mm wide inserts.

'Current Mood' Collar Inserts

  • mm Inch
    10mm ⅜"
    13mm ½"
    16mm ⅝"
    19mm ¾"
    25mm 1"
    32mm 1¼"
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