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This "ADD ON" is a fun way for you to personalise your leather items + activewear alike.


  • On the collar, we stamp the name in the middle of the back of the collar, where possible.
  • On the leash + splitter, we emboss down towards the clip - so the world can see your name! 


We have a small selection of symbols you can use, including:

@ $ % & -. : > , 🖤 - ★ _ [ ] ➳ ⫸ .....meaning you can add:

  • your insta handle;
  • a symbol after the 'name ★' or substitute a letter for a 'symb★l'; or
  • politely add an expletive [a$$ - $hiz - cr@p (sorry!)].

Really depends what you're into.


Spaces do not count as characters.


On the splitter, you can have text embossed on each strap - if the total is 10 digits and under, select that option. If combined, total digits are over 10, select that option. 


Our font is 5mm high and will fit on any width collar/leash.

Our letters are capital only.


We strongly suggest that items with embossing are not worn in the water as this may affect the embossing detail, particularly if the leather distorts or stretches.


This add-on is not suitable for our

  • 'Braid Envy' collar
  • 'Party Animal' collar
  • 'Basic B@$#%' Range
  • It won't really show up on the speckle however will still be there if you look closely,
  • or collars with lacing detail.

Embossing for Leather + Activewear

Preisab 7,50AU$
  • /ˈadɒn/


    noun: an extra embellishment, that can be added to a main item in order to personalise, beautify or customise its appearance.


    how to use: "I simply love colour... add-on the painted edges!"

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