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Our 'Tame The Beast' Harness features a simple design that can be used one of two ways, depending upon how you want/need to use it.


The rings on the back offer a slip function which is great for dogs who pull or will STOP dogs from escaping out of their harness: the Slip-Back function.


Alternatively, simply clip onto the non-slip o-ring and it will 'disengage' and create a solid strap back section: the Fitted-Back function. Simple :)


This harness is SUPER SIMPLE to pop on - simply place their head through the hole between the chest strap and back straps and clip the buckle up, under the chest. We have made sure that the front and chest straps are adjustable, allowing for a snug fit when being used in fitted-back or slip-back function.


The rings are designed to sit above your pooch's shoulders to allow free + full movement when patrolling. With this in mind, the smaller sizes have a shorter back strap section, than the harness pictured.



If selecting *Custom Colour Combo* option, please note your design in the custom field:

BACK STRAPS COLOUR:    Pink - Mint - Natural - Chocolate - Grey [select 1 colour option]

CHEST STRAP COLOUR:    Pink - Mint - Natural - Chocolate - Grey [select 1 colour option]

BODY STRAP COLOUR:   Pink - Mint - Natural - Chocolate - Grey [select 1 colour option]



Add a personal touch to your harness by adding:



Our harness sizing is based on the chest/girth measurement.

View our standard harness sizing HERE.

Select from three width options for your harness:

  • 16mm, 19mm + 25mm.



We have created this GUIDE to help you, and your dog, enjoy many adventures in a correctly fitted harness.

_ _ _ _ _


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'Tame the Beast' Leather Harness

Preisab 79,00AU$
  • /ˈhɑːnɪs/


    noun: a piece of equipment with straps and fittings, used to control or hold in place an animal.


    how to use: "she prefers to wear the harness over a collar".

  • leath·​er / le-t͟hər /


    noun: a long=lasting + sturdy material which we use to make our products.


    how to use: "we only use the finest leathers for our dog collars + leads".

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