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Made by us. Used by us.


It conditions, softens + preserves vegetable tanned leather. And probably a lot of other things including dry hands, lips, feet and elbows!


After in-house testing, we have developed a formula that we are happy to share with you! Our formula contains all natural ingredients - meaning no synthetics or nasty chemicals.



Sample: 10g

Standard: 75g


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Please make sure your item is clean + dry before applying conditioner. We would suggest you use our Leather Cleaner prior to applying Leather Conditioner. Apply directly to the clean leather item with a dry, clean cloth. Allow the leather conditioner to stand for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the conditioner to absorb into leather. Polish off excess leather conditioner with another dry, clean cloth. Multiple applications will provide more protection. Repeat as often as required. This product contains beeswax [from Melbourne!] and may darken leather - but we haven't found that it does!


**This product contains nut oil** If you have an allergy to nuts, we can make a nut free version - just pop a note on your order.

Leather Conditioner

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