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It is what it is called: SO FINE.


Delicate Kangaroo Lace is hand braided into a round cord, which is flattened out for the handle. Made in a single colour to create stunning and super fine (but strong) leash.


Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight and a sustainable leather source. This leash is 120cm/4ft long. Hand braided, right here in Melbourne, we are giving traditional leather craft techniques a fresh feel with these vibrant colours. This leash is best for smaller dogs and/or larger dogs that don't pull.


Different sizes are available upon request.



If this item becomes wet, it will may weaken it's bond [where finished]. Further, because this leash is 'So Fine', it is likely to stretch. If it is even thinking about raining, don't use this leash. 

'So Fine' - Braided Leash

Lacing Colour
  • / fīn /


    adjective: superior in kind, quality, or appearance


    how to use: "that is one fine looking leash"

  • leath·​er / le-t͟hər /


    noun: a long=lasting + sturdy material which we use to make our products.


    how to use: "we only use the finest leathers for our dog collars + leads".

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