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The Tiny Harness has been designed for small puppies, toy, teacup + miniature dog breeds.


It is a classic styled, leather dog harness with a simple, step-in design, featuring a single clip + adjustable straps. A step-in-harness is one of the more popular designs for dog harnesses, due to its ease of use.


This harness is only available in our size XS/S, in either 10mm or 13mm width. It is made with a lighter + thinner leather. It is designed to fit dogs with a maximum chest measurement of 40cm.



If selecting the *Custom Colour Combo* option, please note the colour choice for each of the straps, in the format below, in the field provided:




Select from : Pink - Mint - Pink Speckle - Jade Speckle - Natural - OR - Chocolate



Add a personal touch to your harness by adding:

  • A smattering of Freckles to the plain leather colours.



This harness comes in two width options:

  • 13mm + 16mm.

You can review our width conversion chart HERE



We have created this GUIDE to help you, and your dog, enjoy many adventures in a correctly fitted harness.

_ _ _ _ _


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'Tiny' Leather Harness [Size XS/S]

  • ti·​ny | \ tī-nē \


    adjective: very small

    how to use: “we need to get something tiny for our itty bitty doggo”


  • leath·​er / le-t͟hər /


    noun: a long=lasting + sturdy material which we use to make our products.


    how to use: "we only use the finest leathers for our dog collars + leads".

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