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Leather Dog Collars + Leads.

A classic range of beautiful dog collars + leads in fun colours + ageless styles.

Created with full grain, vegeatable tanned leathers + solid brass hardware.​

Dog Products Made Especially for You + Your Pooch

Your items are made once you order them. Each dog collar, leash + harness can be customised to suit your dog's size + needs. We also offer 'Add-On's' to allow you to further personalise your accessories.  Stay classic or go crazy, creating pieces to reflect your doggo's personality. Our styles, your way!


Crafted Traditional Leathercraft Methods

Our leather items are made entirely by hand, BY US! We buy whole hides and cut each strap of leather. We measure + cut your items to size, then hand-punch the rivet + buckle holes. Conditioner + protectant is applied, several times. Edges are shaped + bevelled and burnished. The items are then assembled + finished with our solid brass hardware. This is why we are proud to be part of the Australian Made campaign.

Perfect Fit + Puppy Fit Collars

When ordering a collar, we ask for your dogs neck measurement. We do this so that we can make the collar a 'Perfect Fit'. We will then make the collar with the middle hole being the measurement you provide. We also take requests for 'Puppy Fit' collars. So if you can't want to wait to get your puppy a gorgeous collar, we can accommodate you. The neck measurement you provide will be the smallest hole on the collar, leaving room for your pup to grow. Or simply opt for a beautifully handcrafted collar in our 'Standard Fit' sizing.

Do You Think Your Dog May Be Better Off in a Waterproof Collar?

We hear you - there is always a need for something a little more durable. Check out our 'Activewear' Range!

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